Rosie the Beagle Dog


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This book is about Rosie the Beagle dog. Instead of humans carrying out dog training, Rosie trains the humans!  Get the full story from Amazon Kindle by clicking the image below**.

Rosie the Beagle Dog


What the Beagle Dog book is about

Long before the dog whisperer, dog loving people have been aware that most dog breeds, from the burly Rottweiler, to the boisterous golden retriever, and the gentle Labrador dog attempt to use their pack dynamics on humans.   This is what the hidden lives of dogs or the secret lives of dogs refer to – it refers to pack dynamics.  Rosie appears to do the same thing in this delightful story of how she manages to train her human caretakers to follow her bidding.  As pointed out, the story is not a unique one, but it is written as a fun recount of a weekend during which Rosie has the humans organizing a much more comfortable life for all to exist harmoniously together!  Everybody has their place and there is a place for everybody in Rosie’s happy little world.


The book does not humanize Rosie’s behavior nor does it go into any scientific discussion or speculation behind Rosie’s behavior.  The author simply narrates what Rosie does to make life comfortable for the beagle dog rather than for the humans.  The easy flow of the book and the tone of the narration making this a delightful, light read.  It is a relatively short book that is easy to flip through as Rosie spends a weekend on the project.    Go to Amazon and catch up with Rosie by buying the book.  See you on the inside.


**No Kindle book to read about Rosie The Beagle Dog?

Don’t worry if you do not have a kindle, Amazon has software to download and software with which to read the book on an android device or a computer or an android or you can simply read the book in the cloud.  All bases are covered – it is worth the effort to get the full story on Rosie.